Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get one or more copies of The Black Book?

If you want one or more copies of The Black Book that covers your region, or regions outside of your area, call our corporate office at 1-800-727-9104 to have them sent to you. There is a fee for each directory and shipping.

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How do I request NOT to receive directories?

Whether you prefer to only use our website to find what you’re looking for, or simply need less directories or none at all, you can "Opt Out" of delivery. You can print this form and mail or fax it back to us, or fill out this online form.

IMPORTANT: Your Opt-Out request must be renewed annually.

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How can I suggest a new category?

Visit our Contact page and submit your category suggestion there. You can also mail your suggestion to:
201 N 2nd St, Coeur d'Alene ID 83814

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Can I list a cell phone number or VoIP number in the directory?

Absolutely! To have your cell phone or VoIP number listed, download and print this PDF form and send it back to us.

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How do you get your white page listings?

Since we are an independent telephone directory publisher, we purchase white page listings from utility telephone companies every year. If your telephone number, name or address is incorrect in the telephone directory of your provider, it may be incorrect in our white pages as well. Contact your telephone service provider's customer service to make any corrections necessary, and those corrections will be reflected in our directory the next time it publishes in your area.

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How do I update my listings or info in your blue pages?

You can send us your new or updated information by either email, fax or mail:
Fax 208-765-2616
201 N 2nd St, Coeur d'Alene ID 83814

To add, edit or remove listings or information in the blue pages, you must be authorized to do so.

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How can I ask a question not answered here?

Visit our Contact page and submit your question there. If people ask the same question often enough, it may eventually end up here in the FAQ.

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"Thank you again for your help with our advertising this year in The Black Book.
When prospective customers call in for services, we always ask then how they found out about us and most of them say from the phone book.
Many of our clients are retired and elderly and they most often use the phone book to look up companies such as ours for help with their landscape maintenance or construction because these tasks are too hard for them to do themselves.
Without the advertising in the Black Book, our new customer calls would drop dramatically. We look forward to another year of advertising with you."

Jill Gaffney, Greenleaf Landscaping, Inc.