The Black Book is Green!

Our Directories are 100% recyclable, cover-to-cover and are printed with non-hazardous solutions, glues and soy-based inks which are compliant with environmental statutes, laws, regulations and policies; including those established by the Association of Directory Publishers (ADP) and Yellow Pages Association (YPA).

Our Office recycles all paper, print cartridges, and old directories. Additionally, we reuse plastic wrap, boxes, and our office supplies.

Virgin timber is virtually never used to make directory paper. Our paper typically is comprised of 40% post- consumer, de-inked, recycled fiber with the remainder provided by the residue of making squared boards out of trees in the lumber-making process.

Over a decade ago, Yellow Pages publishers, paper suppliers, and printers became committed to making the industry more environmentally friendly. Vegetable-based inks, dyes and coatings that pose no threat to soil or ground water replaced petroleum-based components.

According to the U.S. Environmental Agency, directories comprise only 0.3% of the municipal solid waste stream, as compared to 4.9% and 2.4%, respectively, for newspapers and mail.

If you don't want a phone book - TELL US!

"We want everyone who wants our directory to have one."

However, if you prefer to receive fewer copies of our directories, or none at all, please let us know, and we will be happy to honor your request. To Opt Out, access our online or printable form in the yellow menu on the left.

Hagadone Directories Inc. is wholeheartedly committed to becoming 100% green. Equally important is the commitment that we seek from our clients and advertising partners. Please join us; together, we can make the change.