Testimonials for the Black Book

In my trade and or business advertising can make or break you. I poll each client that comes through the door as to how they have heard of me and my statistics show that 85% of new business came to me as a result of my BlackBook advertising.

Furthermore, my ad, “A Country Lawyer”, has helped in keeping me first in the book.

As a result of my poll, I have cut back on other advertising as a result of less return for my investment.

I would recommend “The Black Book” for all your advertising needs.

-- Henry D. Madsen “A Country Lawyer” Madsen Law Offices,PC

Just met this afternoon with the new local Hagadone Directory area agent Betsy Smith and renewed my annual advertising in the Black Book. Betsy is a treasure and Hagadone is lucky to have such a vibrant and vivacious person working for them in this capacity, customer service, advertising sales and renewals. She is a pleasure to work with.

I have been advertising steadily in the Black Phone Book for many years now and the main reason I keep renewing my ads is simply that they work! I get calls from clients and I generally ask them how they heard about me.... so often their answer still is “I found you in the phone book.” Even with today’s technology, there are many of my clients who are not comfortable with using the internet to look up a service provider or a phone number. Many times, they just prefer the quick and easy hands-on option of the local phone book to find what they want. Honestly, if they already know who they want to call and just need the number, it’s faster to grab the phone book than to go online to find it. And if they aren’t sure of the names of local service providers, it’s still pretty darned handy to have the phone book as a reference tool to find all the local area businesses without being duped by the internet into thinking a business is local when it really isn’t. Google searches for me have been frustrating in this respect. I’ll give you an example. I was recently getting rid of an old car and wanted to donate it to a charity or recycle it. I went online to see who would come and get the car. The first number I called ended up being a service in New York State! I’m in Washington State. It was a total waste of time, even though the number indicated that my area was a local service area for that business. I did finally find a car buying agency willing to come and get the car, but it was after I called a local Portland area business and asked for their help.

So many times I’ve heard the customers say on the phone “I was just looking for a local agent” in the area and your name was right there in the phone book “yellow pages.” Every time that happens, I know it’s because they were looking in the Hagadone Directory. I don’t advertise in the competing books, Only Hagadone and the reason is that Hagadone has done a great job over the years, they have great customer service and the advertising actually generates calls from clients.

One more thing.... I work as a full-time real estate managing level broker, paying for these phone book ads personally and working for more than two decades now in this area and I cannot tell you how many times I’ve seen old phone books in the houses I list and sell. People don’t throw away their old phone books. They mostly keep a few years’ worth, just in case they need to look up an old phone number. What happens is that with the new technology, more and more residents are switching from landline phones to cell phones for their home services... and when they do that, the old phone numbers disappear from the new phone books. BUT, the old numbers are usually still good ones... they’ve just been “ported” into the wireless service. So when that happens, it’s good to have the old books on hand as reference as well. So these “old” ads are still working for me too. Continuity counts!

If you are considering where to spend your advertising dollar, having an ad in the Hagadone directory is important. It’s a heads-up that you are in business here locally. And if you don’t have an ad in there, the locals may not know you’re still in business, especially if you have been advertising and suddenly stop.

I’m keeping my ads in the Hagadone book because they really work. And that’s the bottom line.

-- Thanks, Cathy Titchenal Designated Broker EHO Realtor PATHFINDER REAL ESTATE SERVICES

“We are proud to advertise with Hagadone Directories in the North Idaho Directory. Our display ad in the swimming pool section has “Always produced Good Results!”

What is interesting is the only money we spend in promoting ourselves in North Idaho is with the Black Book. For the last couple of years over 3/4ths of our work comes out of North Idaho and we have a Spokane address in the Ad!

Thanks goes out to the North Idaho Black Book for continuing to provide good quality leads that turn into sales...“Year, after year, after year!””

-- Randy Melcher, Vice-President Lifetime Pools